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Nelson Chiropractor :: Dr. Sally Dawson

Helping Nelson patients to move more Easily, Feel Healthier and Happier

Portrait of chiropractor in Nelson Dr. Sally Dawson

Dr. Sally Dawson

My aim at Sally Dawson Chiropractic in Nelson is to help my patients to move more easily, feel healthier and happier. I love working with people, it is wonderful to help people recover their spinal and body movement, this means that their brain is getting more information on how to increase their quality of life. More movement means more vitality, less pain and stress overall. The better we feel, the better our interactions with our families and friends, the more patient, loving and caring we can be, as live in less pain and have more energy to be present to what is happening day to day in our lives.

A Positive & Healing Experience

I have had the attitude over the last 28years, that the moment a patient steps into our front garden, then into the clinic, that it should be a positive and healing experience. At Sally Dawson Chiropractic, we aim to be welcoming and caring, so people will feel nurtured and that they are important. I like to be totally present with each client so they feel heard. My aim is to improve their life. So I will make suggestions along with adjusting their spine to create the best possible outcome for them at that time.

Our Chiropractic Mission at Sally Dawson Chiropractic

At Sally Dawson Chiropractic, we aim to give attentive caring service to our patients. We expect results. Our certainty in your body’s ability to heal is greater than any doubt you may feel about your ability to change. We aim to empower people to be able to move more comfortably, to feel more healthy and happy.

Offering Additional Complementary Services to aid in your Recovery

I have developed a technique over the years which I have called mindbody healing. It is the accumulation of several different techniques and lots of seminars, reading, intuition and experience over the years. I find it can help release additional blocks in the physical body, by addressing core emotional issues. I access this by using muscle testing, so the patient can lay in a relaxed way while I work and use flower essences. Please look for extra information under mindbody healing in the website.

We now also have a massage therapist who can offer aromatherapy for shorter or longer periods of time to compliment what we are doing chiropractically.

Our Nelson Chiropractic Clinic

My first practice was in Ireland, which was very exciting. After 5 years we were missing the sun and NZ, and also had a daughter who was not well, so decided to come back to NZ and chose Nelson because at that time the South Island did not have many chiropractors. We liked Nelson very much and decided to stay as we loved the atmosphere and the community, along with the sea and mountains right on its doorstep. I love Nelson, its been a great choice for me for the past 23 years.

Can We Help You?

Call our Nelson chiropractic clinic and request an appointment today to take the first step to better health. Find out if our unique approach to Chiropractic care can help you and your family.

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