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About Sally Dawson Chiropractic in Nelson

Choosing Nelson as Our Location

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home!

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home!

I have been in Nelson for 23 years now. I had been working in Dublin, Ireland, which was very exciting and pioneering at the time, as there was only 13 chiropractors for about 3 million people so we were really busy, but we were missing NZ. Nelson seemed like a great place to live being a small town, near the sea and mountains as I love to tramp and kayak, music and art were thriving and there was a need for more chiropractors in south island.

A Fresh, Calming Atmosphere

I have always felt that from the moment that a person steps through the gate into the garden that they hopefully enter a special space, so have spent lots of time creating a lovely garden out front with colours and scents to help people to pause a little. I chose an old villa which I have gradually renovated over time, for all the special features that an old house has, like a wonderful sense of space with high ceilings, interesting fireplaces and big sash windows.

We redecorated in 2012, wanting a fresh but calming atmosphere to be created, choosing new colours, carpet and furniture for patients and ourselves to enjoy. Its important for a person to feel cared about and welcomed into the clinic, for it to be a nurturing place to come. I feel deeply privileged to have many wonderful people come through our doors and hope that we can enhance their lives chiropractically but also that they feel like they have had a great experience just visiting our clinic.

Its important for a person to feel cared about and welcomed into Sally Dawson Chiropractic

It’s important to us that you feel cared about and welcomed into Sally Dawson Chiropractic.

Our Mission at Sally Dawson Chiropractic

We aim to give attentive caring service to our patients. We expect results. Our certainty in your body’s ability to heal is greater than any doubt you may feel about your ability to change. We aim to empower people to be able to move more comfortably, to feel more healthy and happy.

Our Ideal Chiropractic Patient

I love patients who want to improve and get better, that may seem like an obvious thing to say, but sometimes to really change your body you need to follow through on a number of chiropractic visits so the body can change the pattern from what it has become used to structurally. I may suggest due to my experience of seeing people over the years, certain exercises to strengthen the body. Going to the gym regularly has given me a further insight into how the body works, how to increase and maintain that resilience.

Sometimes slightly changing the way a person eats, increasing more protein or fresh foods, or taking supplements are also useful to boost the body’s stamina to maintain change. People are generally under alot of stress or have pushed themselves for years so that needs understanding and help to move forwards from that place.

People often feel so much better they will spontaneously want to come back several times a year after they have stabilised, to maintain all the benefits that chiropractic care offers, greater movement and less pain, healthy and happier generally because their body is just working better.

How long will this take to get better?

You?re in good hands at Sally Dawson Chiropractic

You? are in good hands at Sally Dawson Chiropractic

I always try to get a person better as fast as possible, but it also depends on how long the body has been struggling with the injury, how many other compensations have occured. People heal at different rates, some heal very fast, some slower. But there are always things that a person can do to help themselves, eat regularly and well, get a little exercise, have some down time and relax doing something that makes them happy. As well as following through on a number of chiropractic sessions to change the habit into which their body has become accustomed. I will see a patient more frequently over several weeks then as their body stabilises, we make the body do more of the work itself and increase the time in between chiropractic treatments.

My Wish for Nelson

That people would realise the miracle that they are. To be the most they can be within whatever limitations they may have and to push those boundaries, which may mean receiving help physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. I look at great mentors like Martin Luther King and see how much one person can achieve, what change can we create within our families and communities if we are loving and caring. Lets change the world step by step, it all matters, it all helps. My eldest daughter died when she was three, and that was a fantastic lesson for me to live in the present. There may be no tomorrow, so live with no regrets, be the change you want to see happen. Be that love you want to see manifest around you, right now. Be the most you can be, and more. Love life! It is fascinating to look at the value systems we have, what do I value? is that worthwhile? is it only self serving or does it enhance my life and everyone else’s around me.

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