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Let us travel together on a BreakThrough Process of harnessing your Mind’s potential

If you could choose one core issue in your life which affects absolutely everything else in your reality – what would that be?

Together we would give that issue, total focus for an entire day.
  1. Personal Growth
  2. Career
  3. Health/Fitness
  4. Relationships
  5. Family
  6. Spirituality

During this one day personal BreakThrough session, you will conquer old patterns, habits and perceptions, giving you new strategies and a fresh start.

A massage is included in the price, to be had within the following week, to help further mindbody integration of all the new information.

Be ready to make a deep personal investment of energy and focus.
  • We will provide morning and afternoon tea.
  • Please let my reception staff know if you have specific food or drink preferences or allergies.
  • Be prepared to devote all day if needed to this process.
  • Know by the end of the session, that you will probably feel exhausted – you will work hard.
  • You will be given homework, which will need to be adhered to, to reinforce new patterns and to allow the brain to learn new habits.
To find out more or book your BreakThrough session, phone (03) 548 1191 or email us today.
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