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Creating a Healing Environment at Sally Dawson Chiropractic in Nelson

Healing comes naturally at Sally Dawson Chiropractic

Healing comes naturally at Sally Dawson Chiropractic

My aim is to help my patients to move more easily, feel healthier and happier.

I love working with people, it is wonderful to help people recover their spinal and body movement, this means that their brain is getting more information on how to increase their quality of life. More movement means more vitality, less pain and stress overall. So many people are stressed now and that tightens their body, and creates ill health and emotional issues. I find after chiropractic adjustments so many changes happen, usually people feel like their body can do so much more again, their symptoms reduce and they feel happier because life just isn’t such a big struggle any more.I have been blessed with many special moments as people make break-throughs physically and emotionally. Who doesn’t want to be more alive, and have a better quality of life? I love being able to help people achieve this. The better we feel, the better our interactions with our families and friends, the more patient, loving and caring we can be, as live in less pain and have more energy to be present to what is happening day to day in our lives.

Creating a Healing Experience for our Patients in Nelson

I have had the attitude over the last 28years, that the moment a patient steps into the work front garden, then into the clinic, that it should be a positive and healing experience. We aim to be welcoming and caring, so people will feel nurtured and that they are important. I like to be totally present with each client so they feel heard, that my time with them is totally theirs. My aim is to improve their life. So I will make suggestions along with adjusting their spine to create the best possible outcome for them at that time.

Fresh, Calm & Relaxing Atmosphere

I have put a great deal of thought into the decoration of the clinic. In this past December 2011 we have done a total revamp, I wanted a fresh, calm and relaxing atmosphere to be created with the colour scheme of duckegg blue and white. New furniture with modern fabric was chosen, a contemporary sculpture made by a local artist Duncan Leask now is in one corner of the waiting room. Duncan made this wonderful piece after his first chiropractic visit, he came back all fired up and inspired and asked if he could create a piece for me for the office. I was very excited and even more so when I saw the finished art work, Duncan spent an hour explaining all the symbology of the sculpture, it is all made from recycled metal. At the base is coal and other minerals from the earth, are represented; circles in the metal represent the planets, vertebra shaped tractor pieces represent the spine, and the crowning glory on top is the triple helix DNA, the molecular aspect of us on a cellular level.

New carpet and lamps completed the redecorating. We have had very positive feedback, most everyone has said how relaxing, fresh and calm the clinic feels, great…… just what I had hoped to achieve. I want to feel great about my workspace as I spend lots of time here, its like my second home so its really important that everyone else has a great experience also.

Becoming a Chiropractor

I graduated from a chiropractic school in South Carolina in 1984, after four years of full time study including radiology, taking and reading xrays. I worked nights at a restaurant waitressing to pay my bills and chiropractic college fees. When I started chiropractic there only was a couple of colleges where I could go to study, and still be accepted back into NZ to work, I wanted to keep my options open, so followed other chiropractors advice and headed over to the USA. It was a very pivotal time in the profession, osteopathy had been absorbed into the medical profession in America, which meant you needed to become a medical doctor before you could do further training in osteopathy. The chiropractors in the USA were working hard to keep our identity separate and not be amalgamated into the medical profession also. So my chiropractic college was ardent at keeping the special traits of chiropractic healthy, strong and holding its own in the world arena. Around that time in history there was a lawsuit which a chiropractor won, proving that the medical profession was trying to obliterate us as a profession. There was not nearly so many women chiropractors either at that time, and in the NZ association there was only a few of us then, there seems to be more like 50% now.

The Chiropractic Journey to Nelson

My first practice was in Ireland, which was very exciting. We took over from a chiropractor in Dublin, there was only 3 other chiropractors in the whole town and only 12 in total in the whole of Ireland. I thought it would be exciting pioneering work, and it certainly was. Often on Saturdays, patients would travel by car, train or bus 5-6 hours to come to us. It was a very humbling experience, and because of their efforts to travel so far and need/want to get better…. often they would have great results. After 5 years we were missing the sun and NZ, and also had a daughter who was not well, so decided to come back to NZ and chose Nelson because at that time the South Island did not have many chiropractors. We liked Nelson very much as we drove into it and decided to stay as we loved the atmosphere and the fact that it had a music school, and an active art community, along with the sea and mountains right on its doorstep. I love Nelson, its been a great choice for me for the past 23 years, we had our second daughter 3 months after moving here. I was brought up in Auckland, but love kayaking and tramping so this region really suits me well.

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