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Mindbody Healing

Health is a product of our physical and emotional habits and lifestyle

Mind Body healing at Sally Dawson Chiropractic in Nelson.

Sally has evolved her own unique health care system that addresses the mindbody complex.

The intrigue of why people were not getting well propelled Dr Sally Dawson on a fascinating journey of finding answers to what was blocking people from returning to health. Over the years she has found that by addressing a patient’s health with a multi-faceted approach, deep changes can occur on many levels – empowering people to embrace themselves and life more fully.

Our thoughts and emotions affect our bodies.

Ever been ‘worried sick’ or noticed the posture of someone who is sad or depressed? Your mind affects your body. Your body affects your mind.

Unique Health Care System

After using a number of different techniques to integrate the mind and the body to release patterns physically and emotionally that keep reoccurring, Sally has evolved her own unique health care system that addresses the mindbody complex. With mindbody Healing, like chiropractic, there is a fundamental understanding that our body innately knows how to heal itself – it just sometimes needs a helping hand to connect the dots and create change.

Using Biofeedback

Using biofeedback Sally facilitates a patient-determined path of treatment. Most importantly the patient’s own body prioritises the sequence of issues needing to be addressed on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Our body knows what our core issues are. These often unconsciously trigger our emotional response to situations we encounter in life. Abundant information now exists that the body stores memories of trauma. Treatments that include only talking do not always get a person out of that trauma loop, and can re-traumatise the person as they talk it through. They are essentially re-living or re-playing the events that need to be mentally rewritten or perceived by the person in a different way. So to create more permanent change emotionally, other techniques have had to be developed to release and empower a person to move forward.

MindbodyHealing treatment incorporates concepts developed from some of the following pioneering authorities:

  • Peter Levine PhD, who teaches how to develop body awareness to ‘renegotiate’ and heal traumas – to ‘revisit’ rather than relive them.
  • Candice Pert PhD psychoneuroimmunologist, who has done wonderful work scientifically demonstrating the psychosomatic network of molecules of emotion – endorphins, other peptides, hormones, neurotransmitters – bind to receptors on every cell in your body. Thus, stress is a property of the entire bodymind, not just the brain. It is possible to strengthen and develop wellness.
  • Bruce Lipton PhD cellular biologist, whose research confirms that beliefs can be conscious and unconscious, derived from our experiences and that this determines both our biology and subsequent behaviour.
  • Robert Williams MA, who has developed the Psych-K technique that acknowledged that the ‘secret of life’ is belief, and that by changing beliefs and perceptions you impact your life at a cellular level.
  • Harvard trained neurosurgeon Norm Shealy who for 20 years has worked with Carolyn Myss Ph.D medical intuitive on groundbreaking techniques to create health.
  • Deepak Chopra a pioneer in mindbody medicine, and an acclaimed exponent of the significance of the ancient Hindu teachings on Ayurveda, which parallel the insights of contemporary research on quantum physics in stating that our attitude to ourselves can change the way things are.
  • Stanislav Grof M.D., who has done work on the healing potential of non-ordinary stated of consciousness.
  • Anthony Robbins who for years has been helping people reach their highest potential and destroys the myth that the brain needs a long time to change. Change can happen in an instant, we just have to use the right key.
‘Your health is my concern but your responsibility.
We are all on our own unique journey through life,
and we each have free choice.
I am here to assist you in whatever way I can,
With the ultimate purpose of empowering people
And increasing their quality of life’
Sally Dawson
As the Mayan’s say – ‘You are another myself’.

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