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Flower Essences

Catalysts the Stimulate & Energise

Flower Essence in Nelson

Catalysts the Stimulate & Energise

We all have issues and challenges in our lives. These may be related to one’s work, relationships or self-image.

The mind has the ability to alter the physiology of our immune system, which is responsible for our resistance to disease. Flower essences are catalysts that stimulate and energise the inner transformative process.

How it works

These remarkable remedies are based on the forces and qualities that uniquely permeate each flower and plant and on a detailed study on the phenomena of nature.

The individual plant signatures reflect archetypes living in nature observed through colour, form, habitat, growth patterns and seasonal cycles indicating the personality qualities they represent.

The information on each flower essence assists a practitioner in choosing essences that help a patient re-establish emotional health.

By individually blending unique formulas to suit a patient at that particular point in time, we observe that flower essences nourish emotional and psychological well-being, thus enhancing all aspects of health.

For more information

For more information on flower essences and two articles written by Dr Sally Dawson see listed under Practitioner Clinical Reports and Interviews. Or you can contact our Nelson office at (03) 548 1191.

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